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Putting It All Together

Now that I have shown you what I consider the major areas in a speech evaluation, now comes another tricky part: How much is each worth? I don’t think I have ever seen two speech instructors agree about this.  I have been part of some pretty heated meetings where a common rubric was needed for assessment. […]

External Links

External Links for Assessment Higher Education Assessment AALHE | Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment Association of American Colleges & Universities: Assessment Page The National Academy for Academic Leadership NASPA: Assessment and Evaluation Speech Communication Assessment  National Communication Association: Assessment Page University of Wisconsin—Platteville: Assessment […]

Course-Specific Assessment

In today’s educational landscape, course-specific assessment is required. Regardless of whether you are a corporate trainer teaching an eLearning course or a tenured professor at a state college, every course you teach should have clear, measurable goals. Most often, these are called “Learning Outcomes” (LO)or “Student Learning Outcomes”(SLO). Here’s examples from two of my most-taught […]


Assessment is a fact of life for educators. The days of “leave me alone and let me teach” are over. By that I mean that, in today’s world, it’s not enough to be a great teacher, you have to prove that you are a great teacher. Not only that, but programs must prove that they […]