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The conclusion is the final portion of a speech, and it may be true that the last words heard are the most remembered. In my opinion, the best speeches end with finality and a sense of emotional fulfillment. Conversely, the worst speeches either fade away or end without warning.

Again, there are varying opinions on what components need to be in the conclusion of a speech, and certainly different types of speeches call for different endings. However, I subscribe to the “Keep It Simple” attitude for a conclusion.

I emphasize two components to a speech conclusion:

The Summary:  All the main points mentioned in the speech should be mentioned again. It is a preview but in the past tense.

The Closure: There are many techniques for closing a speech, and at least one should be used. The audience should begin clapping immediately after the speaker’s last words. The speech cannot fizzle!

Here is an example of an evaluation that I use:

Speech Conclusion Evaluation