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By the “Organization” part of a speech, I am referring to the elements that make a speech easy to follow. I believe that there are certain “best practices” that can lead to a logical, easy-to-follow speech, and these are fairly easy to teach and evaluate. However, of course, that is completely subjective according to the speech’s audience, so we have to use a measure of caution. After all, what I think is “easy to follow” may be a twisted mess to someone else!

To begin, let me be clear that I will mostly be addressing the “IBC” model of speaking: A speech should have a clear Introduction (I), Body (B), and Conclusion (C). I know that there are certain speaking events and styles that call for a different mode of organization (think Monroe’s famous Motivated Sequence), but, in my opinion, the IBC model covers at least 90% of all speaking events.

To that end, I have created three related sections: “Introduction,” “Body,” and “Conclusion,” and each section assessment of that area. To see how they work together, click on “Examples” under “Assessment” in the site menu.